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Prepare Your Lake Martin Home for Summer

lake martin homeownersMay has arrived at Lake Martin, and we are in the heart of the spring season! Lake activity is picking up, and before you know it, the kids will be out of school for summer and vacationers will arrive at Lake Martin. Time flies when you’re having fun at the lake!

As your Lake Martin real estate team, allow us to share some ways that you could prepare your Lake Martin home for summer. Whether you’ve cozied up inside your home all winter, or you’ll be arriving back at your Lake Martin vacation home soon, after a winter holiday, these steps will make your home feel airy, sunny and homey!

1.  Let the sunshine in! April showers bring May flowers, so now is the time to let natural light stream into your home. Replace heavy winter drapes with airy, light curtains. Clean your windows inside and out. Open your blinds during the day and take advantage of the long hours of daylight, and the beautiful views of Lake Martin!

2.  Bring the outdoors inside. The flowering trees and blooming gardens are so beautiful, but why only enjoy the sights and scents of spring outside? Bring colorful flowers and lush plants into your home. Hang plants near windows with lots of sunlight, or cut flowers from your garden for a table centerpiece. Outside, flank your front entry with pots of flowers or greenery.

3.  Clean your home. If you haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning yet, now is the time to start! The sooner you begin, the sooner it will be over. Give each room in your house a good scrubbing and decluttering. Air out the home while you do, so you can fill it with fresh air and make it feel less stuffy from winter.

4.  Add colorful accessories. Store away your throw blankets and heavy rugs, and replace them with colorful pillows for your couches or beds, and lightweight throw rugs for your hardwood floors. This is a great way to add vibrant color to neutral décor. Add a fun new art piece to a wall or table, too!

5.  Replace damages to exterior. You want the fresh air inside, but not the bugs or rain water. Now is the time to check for damaged screens, window edges or roof damage, and to replace if necessary. Now is also a great time to clean out your gutters!

6.  Keep allergies away. If you’ve got spring allergies, the best way to keep the allergens out of your house this time of year is to remove clutter, keep humidity levels around 50 percent, invest in HEPA filters for your air-conditioning system, keep windows closed on high pollen days, and consider an air purifier. Make sure everyone takes shoes off at the door!

7.  Prep the outdoors. Who spends most of their time outdoors in the spring and summer, enjoying Lake Martin views and activities? Now is the time to clean your grill and get it ready for backyard barbecues! If you’ve got a fire pit, clean that out, too. Prep your garden and your lawn. Clean your outdoor furniture. Prepare your boat for the season ahead!

There is plenty to keep you busy with this time of year. If you have Lake Martin real estate goals you’d like to accomplish before summer, contact us, the Haynie Team! We’re here to help!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty

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