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Sell Your Lake Martin Home Now & Make A Great First Impression!

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Many Lake Martin home sellers think that it makes more sense to wait until spring to sell, rather than to sell this winter. As your Lake Martin real estate team, allow us to explain why this isn’t always the case, and why winter may be an excellent season for selling in the Lake Martin real estate market!

1.  Lower inventory means less competition. Inventory of homes for sale has been below average for a while, but this is even truer in the winter. If buyers are searching, there’s a better chance they’ll check out your home!

2.  Serious buyers are out. While the number of buyers tends to go down in winter, the ones that are house hunting are serious. Maybe they’re relocating for work, or want to be closer to their families, or just found out they’re having a baby. They aren’t just browsing!

3.  Buyers want to buy quickly. If you sell now, buyers will act fast, as they want to reap the tax benefits of buying before year’s end, or be settled for the holidays. Also, some may have year-end bonuses that they’re using toward a down payment or closing costs.

4.  You can show off winter appeal. In the winter, you can decorate your Lake Martin home for the holidays with subtle, neutral décor, which is a great way to light up the place and make it extra cozy and bright! Show off your heat, fireplace, hot tub, etc. in the winter as well.

No matter when you sell your Lake Martin home, it’s important to make a great first impression. Even with tight inventory, a buyer won’t buy your home if they don’t like what they see! Some tips:

1.  Let go of your emotional hold on the house. Let the professionals come in and handle the listing details.

2.  Ditch as much of your stuff as possible. The less cluttered your home looks, the better.

3.  Clean, neutralize, organize, stage. These are all principles for preparing your Lake Martin home for a sale.

4.  Fix what is broken, such as water drips, air leaks, loose door handles or cabinet hinges, every single burnt light bulb, creaky doors, etc. Caulk around tubs, clean windows and test smoke detectors.

5.  Consider small makeovers, such as repainting the walls, re-staining hardwood floors and getting carpet professionally cleaned.

6.  Keep up with cleaning indefinitely, so you’re ready for a showing at a moment’s notice. Make sure there are no funky smells. Ask for an opinion from someone who doesn’t live there, as you may not notice odors you’re used to.

Even if you wait until 2019 to sell, these are great first steps you can take to prepare for a home sale. When you’re ready to sell in the Lake Martin real estate market, we are ready to help! Contact us, the Haynie Team, with questions, for help preparing for a home sale, and guidance throughout the entire home-selling process. Let’s get your home sold this winter!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty

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