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Staging Your Lake Martin Home to Sell

Lake Martin Home SellersWhen it comes time for you to sell your Lake Martin home, you want to portray your home in the best possible light for prospective buyers! As a lake house owner, you’ve got some great opportunities for staging your home to sell, in a way that makes Lake Martin the focal point. After all, prospective buyers are looking to buy a Lake Martin home! They want the lake to be a focal point, too.

As your Lake Martin real estate team, here are some tips for staging your lake home to sell:

1.  Make the lake your outdoor space’s main attraction. This means that if you have a patio or deck, turn your patio chairs to face the lake. Or, set up a patio table and chairs with the table set, so buyers can imagine outdoor dinners there. If you have a fire pit, clean it up and set chairs around it. If you have a pool, keep it clean and set up lounge chairs. Show buyers all the entertaining possibilities!

2.  If you’ve got a dock or beach right on Lake Martin, showcase a boat. Even if you don’t own a boat, it’s worth renting one while staging your home to sell, especially if all your neighbors have boats by their dock. You can opt for a pontoon boat, a kayak, or any type of water entertainment that demonstrates to buyers how easy it is to access the lake and all of its possibilities.

3.  Inside the house, open all of your blinds and curtains. If you’ve got some great lake views from your house, make sure you show them off as much as possible. That means cleaning your windows, updating them if need be, and keeping the curtains and blinds open. You want to show off your lake views and the amount of natural light that your home provides.

4.  Bring the lake indoors. This means that when staging to sell, consider decorating with some wall art that has a beachy or nautical theme. Don’t overdo it, but just subtly remind buyers why they want to buy this house at this location. Create a centerpiece on the dining room table, such as a bowl of pine cones or a small vase of seashells. On a kitchen counter, display a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers. You want the home to feel fresh and inviting.

As with all homes, staging to sell also means decluttering your home, cleaning it from top to bottom, organizing everything, setting up furniture so it shows each room in its best light, and removing personal attributes, like family photos and kids’ artwork. Once this is done, these tips can give your lake house an extra boost in attracting buyers eager to live on Lake Martin!

When ready to sell, or if you have questions about selling, buying or the Lake Martin real estate market in general, contact us, The Haynie Team! We’re here to help you accomplish of your real estate goals on Lake Martin this summer!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty

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