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lake martin real estateAre you dreaming of spring/summer at Lake Martin as it gets closer? As your Lake Martin real estate team, we’re here to fill you in on the latest real estate news and home design trends, and one major real estate trend is energy efficiency. It saves money on your energy bills, and it could boost your home value when you go to sell! So if you’re making some upgrades to your home for the spring/summer season, consider energy-efficient options.

One major upgrade you could make is energy-efficient window treatments. Homes on Lake Martin tend to have big, beautiful windows and doors, to take in the gorgeous views of the lake! However, it can get really hot in the summer, and if the sun is blaring in all day, your air-conditioning has to work extra hard. Windows and doors could also let cool air in during the winter, making your heat work harder.

Here are some of the most energy-efficient window treatment options available out there, with some details, according to Housecall:

Cellular shades – These may be the most energy-efficient option. They create a hollow cell over the window that traps air before it fills up your interior. This option comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, and it can be paired under drapery, to add a secret layer of insulation. They look very similar to regular horizontal blinds, but are all one layer.

Vertical blinds – This is a common option for sliding glass doors, and it’s a great option, too! It’s wonderful having those doors to lead to an outdoor deck or patio, but they aren’t great for energy efficiency. Blinds help keep the sun out or the heat in, they’re easy to clean, and they come in a variety of materials. They could also work for large glass windows!

Roman shades – These are a similar style to the cellular shades, but flatter and probably the most versatile option. You pull these down over the windows. They come in a vast array of fabrics, colors and designs, so if you’re looking for a way to add to your room’s décor, this is a great option! You can even add thermal backing for extra energy efficiency.

Shutters – You don’t see shutters as much as you used to, but they are still a very functional option. This is a great option if you’d like to adjust the amount of hot or cold air coming from the glass, as well as the amount of light shining in. The tightly fitted shutters do a great job at keeping the cold air or hot sun out. You can get them as thin or as wide as you like.

Look into these options when wanting more energy-efficient windows or glass doors this coming summer. When ready to accomplish your Lake Martin real estate goals this spring, give us a call, the Haynie Team! We are here to answer any questions you may have, and to guide you through the entire home-selling and/or home-buying process.

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty