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Prepare Your Lake Martin Home for the Holidays

Lake Martin homeowners

Are you hosting a holiday gathering at your Lake Martin home this season? If you are, you’re probably already stressing about cleaning, prepping, cooking and decorating before your guests arrive. It can be a hectic time of year.

As your Lake Martin real estate team, we’re here to offer you some hosting suggestions so that your holiday runs as smoothly as possible! After all, this should be a fun, festive time of year, not a stressful one!

Declutter – Just like when you sell your Lake Martin home, the first step when having guests over is always to declutter. The more space your guests have to enjoy themselves, the better. Remove any clutter on desks, tables and countertops, and in closets, cabinets and drawers.

Decorate – This should be a fun aspect of the holiday season! Make your Lake Martin home feel festive with a holiday welcome mat, a wreath on the front door, a classy Christmas tree inside, and some wrapped gifts underneath the tree. Outline your roof or trees with lights. Make it cozy!

Nightlights – If your guests are staying overnight, remember that they don’t know your house as well as you do. Place nightlights in strategic areas, like in the bathroom, or in the hallway to the bathroom or to the kitchen. Light up the walkway to your front door as well. Keep your guests safe!

Entryway – Prepare your foyer for extra use. Place a rug or mat by the entrance to protect your floors. Place a rack for shoes there so it’s obvious that you want guests to remove them. Clear out any shoes, umbrellas or other clutter not being used. Add extra hooks for coats, or make room in your closet.

Bathroom – Prepare your bathroom for guests, as most guests will use the bathroom at least once! Take all clutter off the sink, clean, and then place a basket out with all of the items that your guest will need, such as toilet paper, towels and toiletries. Keep a plunger handy too, to avoid embarrassment!

Sleeping Space – Prepare sleeping space for your guests by clearing out guest rooms if you have them, changing the sheets, and making the bed. If your guests will be sleeping in public areas, consider investing in a folding screen for extra privacy. Offer a fan for white noise and temperature control.

Seating – If you’ll need more seating for all your guests, plan ahead and purchase some folding chairs or extra stools for the kitchen island or bar. Move the chairs around, depending on where you want your guests at any given time, such as in the kitchen while you’re cooking, or in the living room for gifts.

There are plenty of other things you could do too this holiday season, such as playing festive holiday music, setting up a coffee, tea and hot chocolate station, lighting holiday-scented candles and so on. You do as much as you feel up for, and what you have time for! But cleaning and decluttering are key.

Good luck hosting and The Haynie Team wishes you a Happy Holidays! If wanting to buy or sell real estate on Lake Martin this winter, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty

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