Home on Lake Martin

Enjoy an extra hour of sleep this weekend!  Do not forget to set your clock back an hour Saturday night.  It is always easy to spot those that forget, it is one of the few times we (oops I meant they) are on time for church Sunday morning.

Lake Martin weather forecasters are also predicting the first freeze of the season this weekend.  While preparing for winter, some things to think about if you have lakefront property include:  covering outdoor faucets/pipes, changing thermostats from cool to heat, winterizing your boats, contacting your landscaper about irrigation pumps, etc…..

This is also a great time to make plans to enjoy Lake Martin living through the holiday season.  Holiday gatherings, fire pits, walks along the shoreline, looking for arrowheads, and the list goes on and on.  What is on your list?  Do you have a special memory or something unique to the time of year that offers quieter times around Lake Martin.  My family will drag the canoe down to the lake and row out to “Skip Rock Island”.  We named it skip rock island years ago because of the flat rocks that are so easy to skip across the lake that “even mom can do it”.

If you are looking to buy or sell Lake Martin real estate…..relax & let the Haynie Team work for you!