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lake martin real estateHomeowners love their kitchens! Whether you are gearing up to sell your Lake Martin home this summer, or you just want to add some improvements, as your Lake Martin real estate team, we are here to share the latest data on kitchen trends.

If you’re selling, following the latest trends could help improve your home value. If you’re staying put, the choice is yours to decorate as you please!

According to a study done by Wren Kitchens on Instagram activity, the most popular styles in kitchen design right now are as follows:

-Modern, with 44,458 Instagram posts in 2020.

-Farmhouse, with 20,364 posts.

-Country, with 16,186 posts.

-Traditional, with 10,599 posts.

-Rustic, with 8,119 posts.

Which of these styles is your favorite? If you’re not sure what they are, do a quick Google search for photo examples. Modern is often sleek, angular and simple. Farmhouse is a bit of rustic, country and retro all in one. Traditional has more details and embellishments, along with lots of function, and a mix of colors and finishes.

As far as kitchen features go, here is what tops the list:

-Granite countertops, with 49, 619 Instagram posts in 2020.

-Pantry cabinets, with 29,429 posts.

-Quartz countertops, with 23,652 posts.

-Kitchen islands, 23,436 posts.

-Eco-friendly, 5,785 posts.

Other features that made the list were brass faucets, copper hardware, mosaic backsplash tiles, induction cooktop and farmhouse sinks.

Colorful kitchens have gained popularity, but white still dominates. Here are the most popular kitchen colors:

-White, with 48,753 posts.

-Black, with 27,528 posts.

-Green, with 23,423 posts.

-Blue, with 15,470 posts.

-Cream, with 13,106 posts.

Others on the list include pink, gray, yellow, peach and floral.

If you find it exhausting keeping up with the latest kitchen trends, another way to go is with timeless features! Timeless kitchen design means that as trends come and go, certain aspects of your kitchen will always remain in style. So while avocado-green refrigerators didn’t stay in style, stainlesss steel may be here to stay.

Here are kitchen features that Realtor.com considers timeless:

1. White cabinets. As we saw in the other study, white remains most popular!

2. Marble counters. While granite and quartz topped the other study, marble is timeless because of its durability.

3. Stainless steel appliances. These go with any modern kitchen design style.

4. Shaker-style cabinets. A simple, safe look without hardware to go out of style.

5. Subway tile. It’s been around a long time and is still the most popular backsplash.

6. Open shelving. We’re not sure about this one, as it’s a definite love/hate argument among homeowners. But open shelves do break up the monotony of a row of cabinets.

7. Kitchen islands. Homeowners love the option for extra counter/cabinet space and seating.

8. Hardwood flooring. It increases home value, it’s softer than other options, saving your back and feet during long hours of cooking, and it comes in various shades and textures.

9. Oversize sinks. We all hate washing dishes, but we love a sink that can hold the dishes!

As your Lake Martin real estate team, we are here and ready to help assist you with all of your Lake Martin real estate needs. There is still plenty of time to buy and/or sell this summer, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
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