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Now that spring is here, we can’t help but look forward to another summer on Lake Martin! May is the perfect month to get your home ready for what lies ahead.

Start at the very top with your attic, work your way out with a stop in the kitchen, before heading outside to tackle the outdoor projects. According to Bob Vila, these are the five most important projects for your Lake Martin home to prepare for the dog days of summer.

Prepare for the Heat
While the weather is starting to warm, we tend to forget just how intense it can get during the summer months. If you prepare ahead of time, you can enjoy the summer with comfortable indoor temperatures without breaking the bank. No unnecessary cooling bills for the Alabama homeowner here!

The first step is addressing your attic insulation. Think about installing an attic fan to sweep out the heat and keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape. Next up, ceiling fans. These should be installed in rooms where you spend the most time— kitchen, family room, and bedrooms— and using these instead of the AC will save you money in the long run.

Update the Kitchen
For this season’s update, it doesn’t have to be a total renovation. Want a quick change? Think about swapping out your old tile for a new backsplash. Or if your ready for a more lengthy weekend project, try refacing your kitchen cabinets. A new wood or a bright coat of paint can instantly brighten up the kitchen in your home on Lake Martin.

Yard and Garden Sprucing
May is the time to prepare to spend your days outside in the summer. Improve your landscaping with edging, or plant container gardens or flowers that will cheer up your walkways. For some added fun, try creating your own outdoor pots out of everyday items. Old shoes and even appliances make interesting yard embellishments.

No Summer Pests
The best way to deal with outdoor pests in the summer is the natural way. For instance, mice cannot stand the smell of peppermint and cockroaches will flee from Tabasco sauce. Find natural ways to scare off these critters and your summer on Lake Martin will be one of the best yet.

Get Ready to Barbecue
Spruce up your deck and patio before barbecue season. Make any necessary repairs to the patio surface and check that your grill is in working order. It’s best to clean off old residue and dirt before you fire up the charcoal!

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Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty