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lake martin real estateIf you’d like to spruce up your Lake Martin home this year, or get it ready to sell in the Lake Martin real estate market, allow us to fill you in on the latest home design trends for 2021! As your Lake Martin real estate agents, we are here to keep you informed on the latest real estate news and trends, but also to remind you that trends are always changing. It’s wise to only make these updates if you love them, as each homeowner’s tastes are different!

Here are some of the trends that home design experts predict for 2021:

1.  Comfort and laid back style. Because of all the extra time we’ve been spending at home this past year, minimalism and industrial design is on its way out, while comfort is in. Classical and modern design elements are combined to give a room a more comfortable, inviting feel. Colors range from soft pastels to bright hues to natural hues. Plush furniture and soft materials are also in.

2.  Natural elements. Homeowners want to bring nature inside more than ever. This means natural hues in greens, browns, blues, etc. This also means more greenery inside, like houseplants or herb gardens. Scandinavian-style furnishings and decorative styles are in, along with artwork of animals, birds and nature scenes. Natural materials are big too, such as wooden accents.

3.  Outdoor updates. While we bring nature in, we also want to spend more time outdoors. Homeowners have been big with outdoor upgrades in 2020, and this is continuing into 2021. In the winter, heating elements are big, such as a heated patio, heat lamps, fire pits and so on. Adding more lighting options is also big outside, making the space warm and inviting.

4.  Decorative lighting. Speaking of lighting, inside, decorative lighting fixtures are big. Unique lighting fixtures are a simple way to update a space with a fun, modern feel. Black lighting fixtures, metals with oil-rubbed bronzes, brass and gold metals… anything goes, as long as it makes a statement!

5.  Flex space. More time at home also means better use of space. Homeowners are finding ways to make their space more versatile for multiple needs. Can an office also be transformed into a workout room or yoga room? Can a nightstand function as a desk? Open floor plans are also seeing more sliding doors and partitions to separate spaces for work and play.

6.  Daring moves. Homeowners are having more fun with their decorative styles this year. This could mean accent walls, bold colors, and a variety of patterns or textures. Even wallpaper is on its way back, but this time, it’s easy to stick and peel off, so you can change your style as fast as your mood changes!

Have fun with your Lake Martin home design this year! If you’d like to buy and/or sell this year in the Lake Martin real estate market, we’re here for you. Give us a call, the Haynie Team!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty