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Lake Friends,

March is known for “In like a Lion and Out like a Lamb”!  Well, our weather has 2011 meeting the “In like a Lion” part of the phrase and “out like a Lamb” remains to be seen.  While this was the case with our local weather, I spent some time looking at the Lake Martin Real Estate data to see if it is roaring!  I used Jan and Feb of this year and last for this comparison.  If you would like to see these numbers just email me and I will send you the data I used.  I also have some of my  thoughts, comments and analysis so… feel free to ask for a copy!

I believe the Spring market has the potential to be a good one for motivated buyers and sellers.  Those looking for a “fair” deal based on today’s market should find that they have a good year to have an opportunity to achieve their objectives.  There will a few outliers either way with a buyer and seller getting the “deal of the year” this happens every year in every market.  However, Lake Martin buyers looking for seller willing to sell at half of a realistic selling price….. that is about as unlikely as Sellers looking to sell at a price their property appraised for in 2008. 

As always – any day is a good day to own property at Lake Martin…..  We routinely send out email updates which are simply my thoughts based on reviewing the Lake Martin Multiple Listing Service data.  If you would like to receive this just send me an email and I will add you to the list.  Not neccessary to be in the market to buy or sell just ask to be included in the information sharing.  As always, I am open to comments, thoughts and feedback!  If you, or someone you know, are considering buying or selling Lake Martin property we hope you will let us assist you.