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With summer nearly here, it seems obvious that buyers would be looking more closely at outdoor spaces when shopping for homes on Lake Martin. In fact, we even shared How to Prepare Your Home for Gardening in a past blog post! That much is true— however, they may be even more specific when it comes to what they don’t want.

Buyers in Alabama have a wish list and as the market heats up, their outdoor wants will become more important. Below are a few outdoor trends to avoid when selling your Lake Martin home this season:

Geometric or straight layouts
It used to be a popular trend in outdoor design to have crisp, clean, straight or geometric borders— planting your flowers in neat lines. But those days are gone and buyers today are looking for more freeform, natural gardens and yards.

Standard trees
Be sure to choose your landscaping wisely, including your trees! Don’t opt for the same old plants that everyone has; buyers will notice. Avoid planting trees with leaves and needles that clutter your yard and make a point not to plant them near the foundation of your home or the fence line of your neighbor’s property.

Bright colored mulch
If you plan to use mulch, the best idea is to use a natural bark or subtle colored filler. Buyers are easily turned off by outlandishly colored mulch like orange, red, or black. You want your yard to be the envy of the neighborhood which starts with creating a neutral landscape.

Water features
You may love your koi pond, but water features can read as high maintenance to Lake Martin buyers. What’s more, they may long for the yard space that the said feature is taking up. It’s also worth noting that water features can attract more creatures and insects than the new buyers may appreciate.

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Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty