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As your Lake Martin real estate team, we want you to get the most out of the fall season at Lake Martin! Even as the temperatures cool, you can continue to enjoy fall activities, such as hiking on these local trails, bonfires, football, etc. However, it’s smart to keep in mind that at some point, it will be time to winterize your Lake Martin home. You don’t want to wait too long!

Whether you live in your Lake Martin home full time, or you’re headed somewhere else for the winter, there are important steps to take for winterizing a lake home. Closing up shop is part of lake living. If this is your first winter on the lake, allow us to lend you some tips!

Stow away furniture – To prevent mold and damage to your outdoor furniture, you’ll want to stow it away during the winter. If any of your furniture has fabric on it, make sure it is dry before storing.

Winterize your irrigation system – If you irrigate your lawn with water from the lake, problems can arise when water levels and temperatures drop. If the end of the pipe is exposed once water levels drop, it could cause the pump to burn out. If we experience a hard freeze, the pipes or pump could freeze and burst.

Remove items from lake – If you have boats or other recreational vehicles in the lake, it is wise to take them out. This is a great time to inspect them for any damage or necessary repairs! Come spring/summer next year, you’ll be glad you did, as you can start enjoying them right away then.

Winterize your boat – The better you winterize your boat in the fall, the better it will run in the spring! Flush out standing water, add a gasoline stabilizer to the fuel, remove anything from the boat that holds moisture and cover it with boat shrink wrap, a tarp, a hard cover, etc.

If you’d like to hire help with stowing away your heavy items, consider doing so earlier than later in the fall season. Once all lake residents start doing this, you may be waiting longer than expected!

Once you take care of these special tasks for lake homeowners, consider completing fall maintenance tasks that all homeowners should do in the fall. These include fertilizing the lawn, getting your HVAC serviced, cleaning out gutters, draining and storing lawn equipment, unhooking and storing hoses and outdoor faucets, inspecting and cleaning chimneys, and inspecting insulation and drafts.

These sound like daunting tasks, but the sooner you complete them, the sooner you can relax into winter! Come spring of next year, you’ll be happy you completed these tasks properly and can start enjoying Lake Martin water activities again as soon as possible!

When ready to accomplish your Lake Martin real estate market goals this fall or winter, contact us, your Lake Martin real estate team! we are here to answer your questions and to help you buy, sell or both on Lake Martin. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty