How to Live In A Staged Lake Martin Home

We’ve taught you the importance of staging your home to sell in the Lake Martin real estate market, but now let’s talk about how to maintain the staged look while selling and still living in your home! It isn’t always easy, especially with kids or pets. As your Lake Martin real estate team, we’re here to offer you some advice to make living in a clean, organized and staged home easier on you during the home-selling process.

1.  Spend some time picking up and cleaning up daily. This sounds daunting, but it’s much better than having to speed clean your home every time a showing pops up. Keep up with it as best you can and all you’ll have to do for showings is grab your keys and take off!

2.  If you’ve got kids, determine which room is the playroom during the home-selling process and only allow toys in that room. Offer incentives for picking up toys. Have storage bins handy for loose toys to go in, which can easily be slid into a closet before showings.

3.  Likewise, if you’ve got pets, have a storage container ready for their toys, bowls, litter box, etc., and a place to store the container during showings. Vacuum and clean up after them so there are no lingering pet odors.

4.  Take photos of each room in your staged house, so you remember how everything looks and where everything goes. You should try living around the staging as much as you can, but if you have to move items, like on your dinner table, the photos will make it easier to put things back in place.

5.  Place a basket or bin in the foyer to catch all loose items, such as keys, mail, school supplies, scarves, etc. Store this in a closet before showings. (Be sure to clean your closets and have space for these storage containers during showings, without making the closets look too cluttered.)

6.  Remove anything from view that you don’t use all the time, or keep it that way after your home has been staged. This includes small kitchen appliances on the counters, throw blankets on the couch, and gaming consoles or extra cords anywhere in the house. After using something, put it back away.

7.  Keep up with your exterior, as this is the first place buyers will see! Remove cobwebs, sweep pathways, rake leaves off your lawn, trim bushes and trees, clean windows, water gardens, etc. If you aren’t up for this, hire someone to come around weekly to keep your exterior in its best shape.

8.  Have your backyard in prime shape. Lake Martin homeowners want lake views that are beautiful and ready for use! Have the cushions on your patio furniture (but bring them in during bad weather), set your patio table, and turn on outdoor features, such as gas fire pits or fountains.

9.  In the kitchen, keep your cooking basic and don’t use any pungent smells that stick around for hours or days! Take the garbage out daily. In the bathroom, have decorative towels at the ready, so you can replace your towels with the decorative ones for showings.

When ready to accomplish your Lake Martin real estate goals, as a seller, buyer or both, contact us, the Haynie Team! We’re here to help!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty