Rejuvenate Your Lake Martin Home in 2020!

The post-holiday winter season is the perfect time to rejuvenate your Lake Martin home! Whether you plan to sell your Lake Martin home later this year, you feel like your home looks dull now that holiday decorations are put away, or your home just needs some rejuvenation after the hectic holiday season, there are many simple ways to give your home new life. As your Lake Martin real estate agents, we’re here to share some ideas with you!

1.  Add some indoor plants. We spend a lot of time indoors in the winter, so one great way to bring the outdoors in is with houseplants! They liven up the home, add a nature element, add greenery after our holiday trees are taken down, and some even improve the air quality and can make you feel happier.

2.  Create a cozy space. Designate a space in your home as a cozy retreat for whenever you need one. Set up a chair and table, or a comfy lounge chair, and add a reading lamp, bookshelf, coffee/tea station or whatever makes you feel relaxed. Be sure to include a soft throw blanket or some throw pillows.

3.  Start your spring cleaning. Cleaning doesn’t have to happen in the spring! Once holiday décor is put away, winter makes for a great season to clean and declutter. A clutter-free home can make you feel less stressed. If you plan to sell your home, you’ll be ahead of the competition if you start on this now!

4.  Change up your décor. Once we get used to our décor, we don’t appreciate it as much. It’s nice to switch it out every once in a while. Try swapping some of your artwork on the walls with fresh pieces, update your family photos, and add new colorful accessories to your neutral décor.

5.  Make small updates. If your house is feeling outdated, some small changes can go a long way. Update your kitchen cabinet knobs or door handles with more modern options, or replace an old lighting fixture with a contemporary option. Consider fresh coats of paint on the walls, doors, cabinets, etc. as needed.

6.  Rearrange your furniture. This is another great, simple option for giving your home new life. If you’re not in need of new furniture, just rearranging the layout of a room can make the room feel interesting and inviting again. Try numerous options to see what gives a room the best flow.

Have fun rejuvenating your Lake Martin home this winter! When ready to sell your Lake Martin home, or when ready to buy a home in the Lake Martin real estate market, give us a call, the Haynie Team! We are here to answer any questions you may have about Lake Martin or the local housing market, and to guide you every step of the way through the home-selling and/or home-buying process. If you have real estate goals you’d like to accomplish in 2020, why wait? Contact us today!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty