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Staging Your Lake Martin Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks and Lake Martin homeowners may already be planning to bring all of their decor out of storage, preparing to deck the halls for the holidays. However, if you’re a home seller, there are a few key rules to keep in mind as you decorate.

You can find great success in selling your home during the holiday season and the right staging can help buyers feel more at home. Remember the following tips for staging during the holiday season and you could just give your Lake Martin home the competitive edge it needs to sell!

Curb Appeal Begins at the Front Door
The front door is one of the first things an Alabama homebuyer will notice when they arrive at your home so use it to make a seasonal impression. A simple, live wreath is classic and tasteful and a bow can add flair. This easy piece of holiday decor gives buyers the impression you care about your home.

Keep Other Outdoor Decorations to a Minimum
Steer clear of inflatable decorations, excessive lights in varying colors, and holiday signs on your home or in the yard. Too many decorations can cause a homebuyer to feel overwhelmed and make it difficult for them to visualize how they would decorate for the holidays. When it doubt, keep it simple.

Keep It Simple Indoors Too
It’s best to remember that Lake Martin buyers are there to look at your home, not your belongings. Keep decor to a minimum indoors as well— a simple Christmas tree with white lights and ornaments in one color palette. Try to place the emphasis on your home’s spaces, not the tree or its outlandish decorations.

Accentuate the Home’s Features
Many Alabama homeowners tend to use every square inch of their home when decorating for the holidays. Mistletoe hung in a doorway is fine, but avoid blocking a beautiful picture window with stick-on window clings or cluttering a fireplace with garland and ornaments galore. Allow the home’s best features to shine!

Staging your home on Lake Martin for the holidays can help evoke cozy feelings and the warm spirit of the season, just remember not to overdo it! If you have questions about selling your home in the area, give me a call!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty

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