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lake martin real estate agentIf you plan to sell your Lake Martin home this summer, it’s wise to use the assistance of a Lake Martin real estate agent! While buyer demand is high and home values are steadily increasing, this doesn’t mean that homeowners can easily sell their home for sale by owner (FSBO). There are many perks to using the help of an agent, and as an experienced Lake Martin real estate team, we’re here to fill you in on what we have to offer.

Experience – When it comes to trusting anyone to help you with anything, let alone one of the biggest investments of your life, you want someone with experience, right? As agents, we know the ups and downs of the market, we know how to handle a plethora of issues that arise, and we know numerous methods of ensuring that your home sells.

Negotiating Skills – As a home seller, if you don’t use an agent, you’ll be negotiating with a professional negotiator, the buyer’s agent. Wouldn’t you feel better having a professional negotiator on your side, too? Part of the experience of being a real estate agent is becoming a five-star negotiator on your behalf!

Access to Critical Info – A lot happens behind the scenes of the MLS, which is an interface of all current homes for sale. As agents, we will market your home in the best light, with professional photos and a quality description, and then we’ll make sure potential buyers see the listing. By getting your listing seen by the most people, and the people most likely to buy, you can expect a faster sale at a better price.

Real Estate Knowledge – As agents, we constantly stay updated on the latest market conditions for Lake Martin, our specific real estate market. We know what homes just like yours are listing for and selling for, and what types of buyers are buying them. With this vital information, we can help you properly price your home and market your home to the right people.

Security – Scammers are on the rise. It’s more important than ever to hire a professional real estate agent who will keep your information confidential until the deal closes. Agents can offer recommendations of other trusted professionals in the area as well, so you don’t fall prey to scams. We also ensure that no step is missed in the complicated closing process, so nothing comes back to haunt you in the future.

Selling a Lake Martin home is no joke! There is a ton of paperwork, lots of people to negotiate with and deal with, many tactics that help a home appeal to buyers, and numerous ways to get your home seen by the right people. When ready to sell your home in the Lake Martin real estate market, give us a call, the Haynie Team! We have years of experience, and we call Lake Martin home, so we know the local market like the back of our hands. We are here to help you!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty