Negotiating Repairs After Your Lake Martin Home Inspection

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It is no secret that the home inspection is one of the most crucial parts of buying a home on Lake Martin. And perhaps one of the next most important steps on your journey to becoming a homeowner comes just after the inspection— negotiating repairs!

What many buyers don’t understand is that negotiating can be done long before you even get to the closing table to sign the contract and it’s important that you consider the following ways to come away with the best possible deal.

Below are three ways you can negotiate repairs after the home inspection in Alabama:

Ask for a credit for work needed

If you put yourself in the seller’s shoes for a moment, you will quickly recognize that they are ready to move on and likely do not want to do any repair work on their home prior to leaving. You can ask for a credit when you close to complete the necessary projects yourself. After all, you will probably give much more attention to the work as the new owner than someone exiting the property would.

Think ahead

Regardless if you plan to renovate the kitchen after you move-in, the repairs the space may need are still up for negotiation! For instance, the floor tile may need replacing, but if you have an overhaul on the books, you don’t really mind. No matter— you can always ask the seller for a credit to fix any problems in the home as they will help to offset your total closing costs.

Don’t go overboard

Keep in mind that the Lake Martin home inspection could come back perfect and in that case, there is nothing to negotiate. If you insist on negotiating repairs anyway, in an attempt to make back what you didn’t get in the initial price negotiations, you could risk turning off the seller and them moving on to the next buyer. Listen to your real estate agent about places you can negotiate, but don’t go so far where you risk canceling the deal.

The homebuying process can seem overwhelming, but remember that the Haynie Team is here to negotiate on your behalf and work for you! Give us a call today with any questions you may have about buying a home on Lake Martin this year.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty

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