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lake martin real estateWhether you are preparing to buy, sell or both in the Lake Martin real estate market, a move is in your future! As your Lake Martin real estate team, allow us to fill you in with some tips, so you can plan ahead for your move. The sooner you begin planning and preparing, the less stressful the move will be when it arrives.

1.  Declutter. Even if you have no plans to buy and/or sell yet, but are considering it, declutter! Every homeowner should do this regularly, but especially if a move is in your future. Start going through your storage boxes, closets, cabinets, drawers, etc. and getting rid of anything you no longer want, need or use. Separate into donate, sell, recycle and toss piles. The less you have to move, the better!

2.  Start packing. Again, this is something you can start early on, if you know you’re moving in the next few months. Start packing your winter clothes, your holiday decorations, anything you know you won’t need in the coming weeks or months. Label the boxes and store somewhere safe, or consider getting a short-term storage unit for showings and open houses.

3.  Choose a moving date. As soon as you can, choose a moving date. Summer is the busiest season for moving, so it’s best to choose mid-week and mid-month if possible. Make arrangements with work or school, and hire a moving company or rent a moving truck. Because summer is busy, things do book up, so the sooner you can schedule, the better!

4.  Do research. Don’t choose the first moving company you find in your Google search. Ask for recommendations, check reviews. Ask lots of questions. Determine how much help you want. Get multiple quotes and ask exactly what is and isn’t included in that quote. Have companies come out to look at your stuff, to get the most accurate quote.

5.  Consider moving insurance. By law, moving companies must provide some sort of moving insurance. However, these are often by weight, so if you have an expensive item that is worth a lot but is lightweight, like art or jewelry, this isn’t helpful. Consider your items, and whether you want extra third-party insurance. You could always choose to transport a valuable yourself as well.

6.  Have a plan. Research step-by-step plans for moving, or make your own plan, but it’s helpful to have a plan to follow! Start collecting boxes early. Pack up each room and label which room each box belongs in. Pack a suitcase with the stuff you’ll need right away, like some clothes and toiletries, and bring this with you in the car or on your flight.

Moving into a new home should be exciting, not stressful! Hopefully these moving tips will help make your move just that. When ready to buy and/or sell in the Lake Martin real estate market, contact us, the Haynie Team! We are here and ready to help make all of your real estate goals a reality this summer!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty