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If you’ve been putting off your Lake Martin real estate goals, now is the time to act. There is still time this summer to achieve your goals, and our Lake Martin real estate team is here and ready to help! Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, invest, etc., we are here for you.

Why is this summer the perfect time to act on your real estate dreams? Well, if you’ve dreamed of purchasing a permanent or vacation home on Lake Martin, there has never been a better time. Mortgage rates have been hovering near record lows, making now the most affordable time to purchase a home. Even with home prices going up, due to low inventory, with mortgage interest rates below or around 3 percent, you will still save a bundle over the life of a loan if you buy now.

Plus, if you’ve been working remotely, you may now be able to relocate to where you’d like to live, without changing jobs. Many homeowners are finding this to be a new option, so it’s worth checking with your company to see if it’s an option for you! Or, if you’d like to live closer to your family or friends, or closer to Lake Martin and recreational opportunities, now is the time to make that happen. Many buyers’ priorities have changed since the pandemic began.

If you’ve been wanting to sell your Lake Martin home, now is also the ideal time for you to do that! Buyer demand is high because of record low mortgage rates, but the inventory of homes for sale is below average. This means that homes have been selling very fast, and sellers often have the luxury of receiving multiple offers. It’s a great time to take advantage of this seller’s market. Inventory is finally starting to rise, and with that comes more competition.

Also, if you’d like to sell your Lake Martin home so that you can buy another home that better suits your needs right now, you’ll want to take advantage of these low mortgage rates as well! It’ll save you from having to refinance down the road. It’s a great time to move up to your dream home on Lake Martin. But if you’re looking to downsize, relocate, or move into your retirement home, it’s a great time for that, too. Do what is right for you!

So, whether selling, buying or both, there are many perks to doing so now, this summer or fall. The Haynie Team is here to help! Give us a call, ask us any questions you have about the Lake Martin real estate market, or about the home-selling and/or home-buying process right now. Let us help answer your questions and get you started toward achieving your real estate goals!

Becky Haynie, Associate Broker / Realtor
Lake Martin Realty